Feb. 3rd, 2015

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I have this feeling that I'm taking on too many things, but...They're all fun things? Mostly? I need fun in my life? Granted, they're also all time consuming and expensive things, which is really the main problem there.

First, there's work. Work is crazy busy this month, and I'm not sure it's going to get any lighter before April. Now, for example, I'm at work but blogging instead of working, which is bad because I'd like to go home today and I've at least another hour to finish what I absolutely must finish today.

Then, there's school. I'm already a few days late handing in the current assignment, which will only take me a couple of hours to do, except I don't have two hours free...pretty much anytime soon. Friday morning, maybe. Not before. Starting in March I'll have a half day of classes every Friday, which will reduce my free time slated for shopping and bureaucratic chores that can only take place during business hours to basically nothing. School will become extra busy towards June, right in time for the pre-recess rush at work. Yay. School's also expensive as fuck, but I'm dealing.

Games...Games are the issue, to be honest. I'm in two tabletop campaigns that eat up two evenings a week (one weekend, one weekday), and I don't want to quit either of them because they're fun, but since we started the second campaign about 6 weeks ago, I've noticed a sharp drop in free time. My mid-week evenings are a precious and rare thing that I wish I could do more with, and gaming occasionally feels like a waste. I'll see how the next month goes, and consider dropping the newer campaign. Or, actually, I'll wait a month and see if the older campaign survives, now Dafi's started her internship.

Bigger issue is the live games. I've currently involved in five developing projects, two in March, two in May and one in September. The March ones require a character and costumes, both of which take time and money. The May and September projects I'm also helping to organize, which means they're already taking up chunks of my time. Only one of them is going to end up being really expensive, at least, but that's because I'm fairly high in the organization of the other two, so they'll be a real drain on my time.

I don't want to give up any of those projects. The March ones will be over in a month, anyway, and I'm sure the May ones will calm down some soon enough. Both are just getting off the ground so there's a lot of text traffic going on, a lot of noise. Add to that the RP Society stuff and Bigor in April, and these are the things I'm going to have to trim down, or I'll start dropping balls at some point. I mean, there's also friends, the occasional movie, spending time with my family, keeping the apartment semi-presentable and cooking time, and I run out of hours in the day, to be honest.

I think I won't run for the board again in May. That'll definitely reduce my stress levels next year. And I'll see if I can take a back seat in the one May project that's barely an idea yet, or postpone it 'til like October or something.

You know what all this doesn't leave time for? Writing. And that frustrates me like you wouldn't believe, because I also have my PurimGift assignment, an ongoing novel-length fic I'd like to finish sometime this century, an ongoing series I need to continue with and several ideas waiting for my attention. Too much to do, not nearly enough time. *sigh*


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