Mar. 1st, 2015

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I got maybe 4 hours of sleep tonight and have more work than I know how to handle or care to deal with today, so of course this is a great time to write here, right?

I'm mostly over being sick, still going through Kleenex like it might become illegal soon, but otherwise ok. Other people who were at the last last Thursday got hit much harder, so I guess I'll count myself lucky in that.

Work is- well, see above. Busy as fuck, and a new intern started today, with our two best interns ending their round last week. Here's to the next six months being a nightmare, unless we find a third intern or unless the one who's six months in (and is generally agreed to be a lost cause) shapes up somehow. As least we got the deadline from last week postponed to this week, since I was sick.

There was a sewing party last night, which requires an individual post, as it was productive, enjoyable and interesting. We'll need at least one more such weekend to have everything ready for the game on the 15th (not to mention the other game on the 20th), and I'm not sure we'll get one. I promise pics when we're finished, though.

I'm 350 words into my second PurimGifts story, thank the gods. Will finish it today if I can, in between work. Then it's just one more story, a pinch hit fic and three bits of art. It can be done. Sleep just won't be a major feature of my life this week, until Thursday.

Edit, because I forgot things: I watched Birdman, and hated it. Many people loved it, I guess I just didn't get it, but the three people I was with all agreed it was terrible. It left me so annoyed (irrationally, I know) that it took me hours to unwind enough to sleep (see under 'four hours' above). Also, I'm reading Gone Girl, and I think reading it after having seen the movie is a mistake, because the impact is reduced on one hand (no mystery), and doubled on the other (the lack of mystery only makes the oppressiveness of it worse). I'll still finish it, I think, because it's well written, but I wish I'd read it first.

Still watching White Collar. Still loving it, despite its flaws, which do exist. And the third season of House of Cards came out yesterday, I'll need to take care of that soon, before everybody spoils me.
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I'm on my second coffee of the day (plus three and a half cups of tea) and still not doing that great on focus. Listening to Jango because YouTube is crawling with campaign ads and they're driving me up walls (no, can't install ad-blocker on work computer, sadly). Have I mentioned that I'm on a ballot committee for election day? In Ariel? It'll be hilarious.

Anyway, yesterday's sewing party )

Right. Work now.


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