Mar. 8th, 2015

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Party went nicely, though with fewer people than I'd hoped for (slew of last-minute cancellations, half my social circles are down with either the 'flu or a stomach bug). The morning after, I'm left with enough drinks and snacks for three more parties, sore feet (heels), eye make up that won't come off (at least got rid of the glitter), no hangover but I didn't exactly rest this weekend, so happily hitting the caffeine.

There might be a gaming post later, Friday's game threw Ethan right back into being miserable after it looked like things were looking up temporarily, but the new development might actually be a good thing. Need to process, hence there might be a post.
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...And then I sat down and wrote 2000 words of a really stressful, highly emotional scene that I've been building towards for literally months and thousands of words, in just over an hour, at work. This is why I shouldn't write those kinds of scenes at work, ok? Because I lose an hour, and I'm honestly afraid to read back on what I wrote, because possibly it sucks or is completely incoherent, I wasn't entirely aware of anything except words and emotions when I wrote it. And then I had the car heat on full strength driving home from work, because whoa adrenaline plunge and a general sense of 'I might feel better for some alcohol and a nice crying jag'. Ended up getting neither, but went to Yuval and Dafi's for a Libra meeting, which was enough of a change of pace and mindset that I'm feeling better.

Now I need to read that damn scene, wrap it up, and get on with the rest of the story. I've been stalled on it for weeks (also, there was PurimGifts in the middle); now that it's done with, maybe I can get a move on towards an ending. The Theo chapter will be twice as long as I expected it to be, and is currently the longest chapter. Might need to split it for posting, if/when it comes to posting.


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