Mar. 15th, 2015

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I love having friends who are into musical theater, and the things where Facebook discussions are informed and enthusiastic and interesting, and not just the usual attempts at wit and trivial shit. I mean, ok, musical theater isn't exactly top priority in-depth discussion material for anybody, most of the time, but it's nice to talk about something other than politics. In other news, Hair, despite being in Hebrew and with occasionally clunky translation, was fantabulous and I really want to go again.

Have been unusually tired the past few days. Napped through parts of Thursday's D&D session despite assistance from coffee and Cranergy, and Friday' session completely disintergrated because not only was I half asleep, but D and B were about as bad if not worse, and D1 sort of caught on to the general lethargy. When we realized we were trying to make plans and only E and Y were fully awake, we called it a day. I dragged myself through dinner with dad (and Iris, and I really hope Friday dinners that include her don't become a regular thing, now her mother's passed away) and crashed just after 9. Today- well, I've been busy today, and I'm dead tired now, so I'll try for an early-ish night (ish, because it's already after 1 and all...). Still, even a short and partial session got me some character introspection stuff that got me well past the daily quota on 750 words and a few things happened that made Ethan feel perversely better, so that's nice.

There are things related to work, books, TV and live games to report, but it will all be done tomorrow.
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I've thought about it, and I think I want a sewing machine for my birthday. Second hand is totally fine. I'll let either D or E know and cross my fingers that they make it happen, Yad2 has some reasonable models that work for about a tenth of the price of a new machine. And after that I'll need to finally learn to use a sewing machine properly.


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