Mar. 18th, 2015

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(This post may be somewhat cryptic for non-Israeli readers. Count yourselves lucky, for serious.)

Welp, that's past us now. The majority have spoken, and the majority are apparently pretty pleased with the current ruling party, which is of course entirely their democratic right and I'm sure they have their reasons. The left-wing bubble sort of woke up to a fairly tragic morning, with an awful lot of whining going on. Democracy, you guys- that's how it works, and being the minority vote, well, it can suck. Take a chill pill and let's see how the coalition will deal with a strong fighting opposition (which they'll definitely have this time 'round, if only from Lapid and Meretz*).

There have been some achievements, it doesn't all suck. The Arab party-coalition-thing is the third biggest, to which I say about friggin' time, one scary terrorist-harboring religious party is out entirely, and the other scary possibly-terrorist-harboring mostly-religious militant homophobic party lost a solid third of their strength, to say nothing of Lapid's crashing and burning into the opposition. The new Knesset will have more women (though fewer women in the coalition itself, sadly) and somewhat fewer crazy extremists.

The problem is, of course, that we'll most likely get a narrow and narrow minded right-wing plus religious parties coalition, which may well be stable enough to last more than two years, this time. Possibly even the full four years, if we don't devolve to apocalyptic scenarios (which I don't believe we will). Also, the make-up of a potential government causes me some internal conflict, because while I want to see as many female ministers as are available, the potential women ministers are enough to give me waking nightmares, being for the most part bigoted fanatics with terrifying world views (and really, the current potential coalition has a truly pathetic, embarrassing female representation, with maybe ten or twelve women in a 65-67 seat coalition). I'll try to support them for women's right and representation, but I can't like them as people, they worry me too much.

Work today is mostly a bust, analyzing the results by town and in general, and carefully avoiding arguments when someone from Real Estate says something like 'I don't think Arabs should even get to vote' or when I find out that Useless Intern, on top of being a walking malpractice suit waiting to happen, is also a Bennet voter. I'm just glad I made good use of yesterday and now have a gorgeous dress for the game this weekend.

At least the big bang is mostly behind us. Now there'll be a three week scramble of negotiations and commentary and probably a government by Independence Day, which is poetic irony.


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