Mar. 22nd, 2015

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So today's our last day at the Hertzeliya offices, and we're moving to Tel Aviv tomorrow. This means that today is spent less working, more packing and lugging crates of office stuff around. At least I'm getting a workout, and tomorrow's a work-from-home day, so I can sleep in a bit and maybe get in all the cleaning and cooking I missed over the weekend because of the game.

The game was good. I enjoyed it, despite several glaring flaws, mainly because I enjoyed my character (playing royalty in a medieval game is the best thing, seriously), because I played opposite some fantastic players, and because most people put a lot of effort into costumes and props, so it looked right. The in-play field kitchen was a thing of beauty and provided pretty excellent food throughout. I ended up with my son heir to the English throne and myself almost engaged to the Scottish king, with Prince John probably safely off to the Kingdom of Jerusalem and King Richard due to return from his Austrian prison, so I think I can say I pretty much won? It was great fun, anyway. Now I can take a break from live games for a while, although of course there's a huge game in two months that we're already working on, and the about-as-big game in September which I'm organizing, but...You know. Fewer missed weekends, no sewing parties for a while, and less scrambling for props. At least for a month or so. A break is a good thing.

Saw Cinderella yesterday, too. It's everything a Disney fairy tale should be. Also stopped trying to force myself through reading Gone Girl. Having seen the movie, it makes the book way too creepy and oppressive, without the suspense to hold my interest past it.

If I set my mind to it, I think I can wrap the epic huge JF fic up in the next week or two. And then will come beta and editing and about a 10% chance that I'll decide not to post it. We shall see.


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