Apr. 5th, 2015

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13:00 on the first day of Bigor. That two-day long gaming convention I'm sort of semi kinda in charge, not as manager (thank the gods) but as oversight from the Roleplay Society. I've run all my errands, done the dishes, fed the cats, run some laundry, I should really get going and see how the con is, right?

And then, I realize I'd honestly rather be at the office, where it'll be nice and quiet and I'll just have to sit at my desk and work, and not be run off my feet in a crowd of smelly children. At work, I'd be doing something that's possibly worthwhile.

And that, folks, it why I'm not running for the board again.

I'm not over gaming, mind you. Will be back to fangirling about outfits for the big live game in May, soon enough. But today I'm tired and short tempered and seriously not up for a bunch of very annoying people who'll all want things from me, at a con where there aren't actually any games I want to play.
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As per usual, after whining about it I went to Bigor and had fun. Caught up with people I haven't seen in years (Including the exchange 'Michal, this is Matla- Matla, this is Michal. Michal and I were in the army together, I met Matla through community theater' and several others in the same vein while I was talking to them), spent some quality time with Noga and Ravid, got an impromptu stage-fighting lesson (forgot how much fun fencing is, until my wrist starts complaining anyway), watched some show battles, and bought a mug for the office. Didn't actually play anything, because most of the good games were full, which is a good thing. Minor instance of unpleasantness with the Safe Space taskforce, but I think that's been sorted. We'll see how tomorrow goes.


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