Apr. 20th, 2015

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Time to decide on new TV to watch.

Why? Because I caught up on some sleep last night but not all I needed, and I'm trying to kick-start my brain into doing something useful and work-shaped, that's why. Also because I'm done with White Collar and Wolf Hall, I'm almost done with Justified (*cry*) and my only current running shows are Criminal Minds, NCIS: LA (which I'll probably drop soon, tbh), Outlander and Game of Thrones, and I need a new obsession. It'll be a while yet before the summer shows start, and they're mostly lighter reality TV stuff anyway. Options are, in no particular order:

Orphan Black (who am I kidding, this one's top of my list. Short seasons are a distinct advantage)
The Americans (I'm told it's amazing)
Sons of Anarchy (pros: it's finished so there'll be no waiting, and it's apparently fantastic; cons: seven seasons of violence and trauma)
Vikings (more violence and trauma but some of my friends are raving about it, and it does sound like magnificent fun)
House of Cards (need to catch up on season 3)
Orange is the New Black (catch up on season 2, as season 3's about to start)
Mad Men (haven't watched the entire final season yet)
Call the Midwife (practically a mini, and I love the historicals)
Bletchly Circle (ditto)

There's probably a few others shows I'm missing, but these are the main ones. I think I'll start with Orphan Black and House of Cards, and then see.


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