May. 9th, 2015

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The thing is (and this isn't new), that I usually enjoy being in a group of people, but talking myself into going can be kinda hard. Usually, no matter how tired I am, once I get to an event I'd be boosted along by sociability and if it's a good group, I have fun and postpone crashing for a while. This mostly leads to an overloaded social calendar and not enough rest.

Case in point, the pre-game today. I was tired, not in the mood to dress up or play, stressed for time and generally irritable and not safe for human company, but not going wasn't an option, so I packed and went. Ended up being pretty good fun, I met some new people who're on my team so I should know them, and the game could end up pretty brilliant (it's in two weeks, and will eat up every second of free time I have -or don't have- until then).

I did come out of the weapons training session with a slightly sore ankle and very sore wrist (playing with the bullwhip was a mistake, apparently my wrist has Opinions. I'll look into an ortho referral because it's getting annoying) and not one of the arrows we've been making for weeks passed the safety test (see under: what free time for the next two weeks?). But generally it was good.

And then the evening and my sister's family birthday event happened, but I'm too damn tired to continue. Tomorrow.


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