May. 19th, 2015

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Big Game this coming weekend (I think I may have mentioned it, like, once or twice a day for the past few weeks? that one). Need to make up some lists.

Tonight and tomorrow evening- pack, clean the house a bit.
Thursday- leave food for cats, head to game site, set shit up, go to filksing in Be'er Sheva in the evening, sleep over at Dana's.
Friday: Back to game site, finish setting up and pre-game briefings, hope like hell it's not too hot. Game due to start at noon, which means it'll probably start around 3. Play. Spend the night at a hostel, because I'm too damn old and snobby to sleep outside.
Saturday: Play, sleep at the hostel again.
Sunday: Play; game due to end at noon, which means anywhere between 'fuck this, we'll just skip playing today' or 'we need more time', so I'm guessing dismantling things will start anywhere between 1 and 5 pm. Get home, hopefully, no later than 10 pm. Crash like whoa.

Things to pack:
Game costumes- two pairs of leggings, two shirts, belt, clock, bag, pouches, sword, shoes
Civilian clothes for sleep and stuff, extra socks
Extra pair of glasses
Extra phone battery (crucial)
First aid kit- include sunscreen, aloe gel, bug spray, more band aids, painkillers
Sewing kit- buy extra safety pins, packet of hairpins
Duct tape, extra fabric, general fix-it supplies
Things for my medical tent- decorated bottles, jars, tins, mortar and pestle, glasses, dried herbs and assorted oddments, bandages
Writing box
Snacks, bottled water (must buy snacks, don't have time to do it, no idea what to do about that one)
Lanterns and candles
Cooking things- two pots, wooden spoons, silverware, maybe a couple of bowls, extra spices because I don't trust our kitchen crew to remember
Tea/coffee kit, with tea and sugar
Sleeping bag, just in case

Things I need to do before Thursday morning:

MAKE SURE BOSS KNOWS I'M TAKING THE DAY OFF ON THURSDAY. He still hasn't given my the final ok, with is just not cool.
Finish decorating bottles
Attempt some kind of foam medical tools
Sort out my final tally of character skills and statistics
Make sure everyone on my team have had their character sheets approved
Buy snacks
Try not to freak out

Coming down from this thing next week is gonna be hell.


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