Mar. 18th, 2016

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Sometimes I'm not sure who's more to blame, men for putting women down without even thinking about it, because of hundreds of years of socialization, or women letting them do it, taking the easy, repressive, 'daddy'll take care of it' route instead of fucking standing up for themselves. The last, also through hundreds of years of socialization- except it seems to be getting worse, or more glaring, because by now the whole stupid lot of them should know better.

The above is brought to you by the basic car maintenance workshop for women I took today. I learned several new things that'll help me be more self sufficient with my car, but everyone, from the other ladies to the coordinator (who kept trying to change the subject and went all 'oh this is so over my head' complete with an inane giggle whenever things got too science-y), to the instructor who, despite actually being awesome, informastive and not a bad teacher, had to make an actual effort not to address his explanations only to the one guy in the group.

And don't even get me started on the reporter who came to cover the workshop and her photographer, who wanted a photo of manicured fingers with rings on them and tried to deck our cars in Hello Kitty accessories. I was thoroughly rude to her and don't regert it for a second.


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