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Apparently, even in this day and age, in a women-only, lesbian-oriented club, party, a woman can come out with something like "What's with the he-she over there?", or rather "So what's the deal with guys being girls?" and required an explanation about how "M is a transgender woman, you'll refer to her in the female pronouns, you'll stop calling her a guy, and for the love of all that's holy you'll absolutely not inquire as to the content of her panties."

This needed to be repeated twice during the evening with that particular person (the woman who asked, not the lovely M who's a sweetheart).

We...have a ways to go yet, clearly.
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It's strange, but now that I'm definitely going to France (OMG, less than three more weeks to vacation, haven't found anybody to cat-sit yet, crap), I miss it like crazy. I didn't think I'd ever really miss a place I disliked so much when I left, but I do, and I miss the strangest things- not the area where I lived, although I've found a cute AirBNB apartment more or less across the road from there, so I'll be in a familiar area, but the places I rarely ever went to. I miss Les Halles, which was dreary and felt old and ill-preserved and I never much liked, I miss Rue St. Denis, with the sex stores and prostitutes, I sort of miss the places I only visited once or twice, outside the normal tedium of living there. And I wonder if I can find that adorable coffee place in the 10th, where I had an amazing brunch once with the English speaking LGBT gang. I can't even remember what it was called, and it was over four years ago, but it was one of the most amazing meals I've ever had.

I've never been to Paris in August, when everyone's away on vacation and the city's flooded with tourists. It'll probably be either horribly hot or rainy, or an even worse combination of both. There's half a chance A won't be in the city at all, there's something funky going on with her job, but I've set up a potential lunch meet with Y and her baby girl, and I'll probably meet M and her daughters for dinner at some point. As I see it, either six days just won't be enough, or I'll be sick of the city in two days, and spend the rest of the time doing day trips out of it. I definitely mean to schedule a day trip to Bayeaux and Normandy, in any case.

Oh, and I've discovered that Geneva airport doesn't have VIP lounges that are open 24/7. Gonna be a longish and uncomfortable night before my flight home, then.

Edit: Oh my gods, you guys! I went on Tripadvisor and found that restaurant I mention above. Sooo going there for brunch. Thank the gods for the internet and my reasonably good memory.
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It's just after 3, I shouldn't be contemplating my second painkiller of the day...stupid headache.
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So today my boss gathers us all for a departmental meeting at very short notice, and we're all sure that something terrible's happened and we were going to get out asses chewed out. Turns out that no, boss is looking for a new pro-bono project and wants us to think of ideas. We bring up refugees, poverty-stricken areas and legal aid clinics, and he's all 'look, we don't necessarily have to help the poor and down-trodden. Think about it, we'll have another meeting in a week, bring ideas then'.

Really, boss? You want to do pro-bono work but not help the poor and down-trodden? That's just called working for free, and we do plenty of that already.
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Because a day job, three WIPs, two large games and two cons (and a degree) aren't enough, clearly.

My hc_bingo card )
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...And then a coworker goes, "How come we don't have a safeword?"

And I reply, "'Cause we're not doing anything that requires one?"

"Sometimes you yell at me. I want a safeword."

"Fine, choose a safeword."

His new safeword is 'elf'. I hope we both remember it.
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*sigh* When you want to rant about something/discuss something and decide not to, because you don't know whether whoever you're ranting at agrees with you or with the other side. On some topics I don't mind an argument, but on others, well. Some things are self-explanatory enough that I'd rather not have to explain them twice. Thus, frustrated.
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Update, in bullet points because too much has happened in the past week, and I'm tired and should be focusing on work.

* The game was amazing. Had its flaws and faults and moments of frustration, but as a whole, huge success. I may write some things later, because it's sparked some very interesting thoughts and discussions and directions, but too much happened to really describe in detail.

* Then, on the way home from the game, I was in a car accident which apparently totally my beloved car (I heard from my insurer just now, they're declaring it a total loss). Fortunately none of us were hurt in any significant way, and it's entirely the other driver's fault so my insurance covers everything. It's been a hassle though, and annoying, and I've a bruise the shape of the edge of my steering wheel on my thigh.

* Given the first two points, concentrating on work this week has been an interesting challenge.

Am badly behind on writing, everybody around me are overheated while I'm pleasantly warm (outside) and constantly cold (indoors), and I think I won't ever get the house properly clean, but I have to keep trying anyway.
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Big Game this coming weekend (I think I may have mentioned it, like, once or twice a day for the past few weeks? that one). Need to make up some lists.

Tonight and tomorrow evening- pack, clean the house a bit.
Thursday- leave food for cats, head to game site, set shit up, go to filksing in Be'er Sheva in the evening, sleep over at Dana's.
Friday: Back to game site, finish setting up and pre-game briefings, hope like hell it's not too hot. Game due to start at noon, which means it'll probably start around 3. Play. Spend the night at a hostel, because I'm too damn old and snobby to sleep outside.
Saturday: Play, sleep at the hostel again.
Sunday: Play; game due to end at noon, which means anywhere between 'fuck this, we'll just skip playing today' or 'we need more time', so I'm guessing dismantling things will start anywhere between 1 and 5 pm. Get home, hopefully, no later than 10 pm. Crash like whoa.

Things to pack:
Game costumes- two pairs of leggings, two shirts, belt, clock, bag, pouches, sword, shoes
Civilian clothes for sleep and stuff, extra socks
Extra pair of glasses
Extra phone battery (crucial)
First aid kit- include sunscreen, aloe gel, bug spray, more band aids, painkillers
Sewing kit- buy extra safety pins, packet of hairpins
Duct tape, extra fabric, general fix-it supplies
Things for my medical tent- decorated bottles, jars, tins, mortar and pestle, glasses, dried herbs and assorted oddments, bandages
Writing box
Snacks, bottled water (must buy snacks, don't have time to do it, no idea what to do about that one)
Lanterns and candles
Cooking things- two pots, wooden spoons, silverware, maybe a couple of bowls, extra spices because I don't trust our kitchen crew to remember
Tea/coffee kit, with tea and sugar
Sleeping bag, just in case

Things I need to do before Thursday morning:

MAKE SURE BOSS KNOWS I'M TAKING THE DAY OFF ON THURSDAY. He still hasn't given my the final ok, with is just not cool.
Finish decorating bottles
Attempt some kind of foam medical tools
Sort out my final tally of character skills and statistics
Make sure everyone on my team have had their character sheets approved
Buy snacks
Try not to freak out

Coming down from this thing next week is gonna be hell.
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Inexplicably shitty mood today. Trying to make things better by creating an Amazon wishlist and looking at flight dates for July, both of which are the safest form of retail therapy I know. Browser-window shopping, as it were.
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TV and stuff, because the things I'm supposed to write for work is refusing to flow today.

Under cut even though there won't really be spoilers )
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The thing is (and this isn't new), that I usually enjoy being in a group of people, but talking myself into going can be kinda hard. Usually, no matter how tired I am, once I get to an event I'd be boosted along by sociability and if it's a good group, I have fun and postpone crashing for a while. This mostly leads to an overloaded social calendar and not enough rest.

Case in point, the pre-game today. I was tired, not in the mood to dress up or play, stressed for time and generally irritable and not safe for human company, but not going wasn't an option, so I packed and went. Ended up being pretty good fun, I met some new people who're on my team so I should know them, and the game could end up pretty brilliant (it's in two weeks, and will eat up every second of free time I have -or don't have- until then).

I did come out of the weapons training session with a slightly sore ankle and very sore wrist (playing with the bullwhip was a mistake, apparently my wrist has Opinions. I'll look into an ortho referral because it's getting annoying) and not one of the arrows we've been making for weeks passed the safety test (see under: what free time for the next two weeks?). But generally it was good.

And then the evening and my sister's family birthday event happened, but I'm too damn tired to continue. Tomorrow.
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Once, just once, I'd like to see a militant religion that's against sin and drinking and whores- but is totally fine with consentual sex between adults that isn't paid for, even if it's with guys. Actually, I'd like to see a militant religion thats sex-positive, or at least not overtly sex-negative.

Oh wait, I did- with the Church Militant in the Song of Ice and Fire books, where they opposed all manner of sin, but never mentioned sex in particular. In the books. First thing they do in the TV show, after smashing up some kegs of beer? Slaughter the whores (and patrons) and throw the homosexuals in the dungeon, those they didn't just torture and kill. You're pissing me off, HBO.
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I've quite suddenly realized that I really miss Paris. I thought it'd take at least a decade for the negativity surrounding my leaving there to go away, but I honestly miss it. Like, enough that I'll do my level best to spend a week there this summer instead of the three days I'd planned on. I mean, a week might stretch Alina's hospitality, so I should either ask my dad's cousin Monica if I can stay at her place (I...think she's still living in Paris? I lose track sometimes) or find a hotel, which will make the whole thing more expensive but I don't want to take advantage of Alina's sofa and house for a full week. I'd ask Yael, but between the baby and the cats I think she has a pretty full house.

Anyway, bottom line- Paris this summer. Hopefully. If I can afford it. And Nottingham, while I still have a reason to visit there.
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A. There is a con I care about;
B. The current con manager did a mostly crappy job this year;
C. But he can improve, if someone keeps a really close eye on him;
D. I could do a better job than him (have done a better job in the past);
E. But I seriously don't have time to run an entire con;
F. We don't have any better choice than him.

Leads to:

"Fine. You keep doing it, but I'm joining your staff and sitting on you until everything works like clockwork, and I will stick my nose everywhere."

And this is how I might end up doing another Bigor...Remind me of this moment when I'm bitching anf moaning and hating everything, between January and April next yet >.
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Since the weekend hasn't been a time for chores or preparation for the work-week (or for rest, damnit) in a few weeks, and won't be for a few weeks more, I need to get in all kinds of household things midweek. I did manage to clean the living room yesterday, and folded most of the laundry, but there's still a pile of things that need fairly urgent attention. Therefore, I'll make a list!

First, I need to get home while the supermarket's still open today. Or, if I'm really lucky, while the nice butcher's place across the road is still open. If not, shall buy meat at the supermarket and deal with it being of mediocre quality at best.

At home- finish laundry, run another load, clear out kitty litter, clean everything except the living room, and cook. Cooking is important. I want to make either carrot soup or ten spice veggies soup (potentially I'll do both and freeze some of each), even though we appear to be heading into a heatwave later in the week. Have a recipe for veggie fritters that I want to try, and found a recipe for flan cake that might actually work- but that'll have to wait, I think. Don't have any reason to bake a cake this week. Also, if I buy meat I'll probably do something with it...I think. Some form of soup and fritters will definitely happen, otherwise my vegetables will start to spoil and that'll be a shame.

So yes. Stop at the supermarket, hope the butcher's still open, and do things besides watch TV tonight.
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Time to decide on new TV to watch.

Why? Because I caught up on some sleep last night but not all I needed, and I'm trying to kick-start my brain into doing something useful and work-shaped, that's why. Also because I'm done with White Collar and Wolf Hall, I'm almost done with Justified (*cry*) and my only current running shows are Criminal Minds, NCIS: LA (which I'll probably drop soon, tbh), Outlander and Game of Thrones, and I need a new obsession. It'll be a while yet before the summer shows start, and they're mostly lighter reality TV stuff anyway. Options are, in no particular order:

Orphan Black (who am I kidding, this one's top of my list. Short seasons are a distinct advantage)
The Americans (I'm told it's amazing)
Sons of Anarchy (pros: it's finished so there'll be no waiting, and it's apparently fantastic; cons: seven seasons of violence and trauma)
Vikings (more violence and trauma but some of my friends are raving about it, and it does sound like magnificent fun)
House of Cards (need to catch up on season 3)
Orange is the New Black (catch up on season 2, as season 3's about to start)
Mad Men (haven't watched the entire final season yet)
Call the Midwife (practically a mini, and I love the historicals)
Bletchly Circle (ditto)

There's probably a few others shows I'm missing, but these are the main ones. I think I'll start with Orphan Black and House of Cards, and then see.
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Oh look, it's Hell Week again. Hello, Hell Week.
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Yesterday was a good writing day. I now have three* stories in progress (one epic but nearing the end, thank the gods, one midway through and will probably come in under 10K words, and one just started but unlikely to go over 5K, it's just a quick fixit), to go with all the huge amount of work I have this week. Also have my story for the Into A Bar challenge to write, and there's a Women in PR exchange starting in a few days that I'm thinking of joining, although tbh I find guys in PR a lot easier to write (which is possibly why this exchange is so necessary, the ladies don't get enough love at all). In short, my writing dance card is about as full as it can get.

(* Ravid would like to remind me that I need to finish the Alaska fic eventually, and she's right, but I've been stuck on the last two pages of that one for well over a year and I honestly don't know what to do with it...)

I've been carrying a headache around since yesterday and it's not going away, which is sort of screwing with my ability to focus on work, but I have to have something to show at the end of the day, so I guess it's a good time for some TV commentary- Justified, Outlander, maybe White Collar.

Under cut because spoilers and also TW for violence, sexual and otherwise )

In other TV news, I've finished White Collar (*weep*), am enjoying Wolf Hall immensely (too bad it's only 6 eps), and have dropped NCIS entirely, which feels like breaking up with someone, but they seriously crossed every line I still had.

Well. This took half the morning, in fits and starts. I shall go focus on work now.
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