Apr. 26th, 2015

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Since the weekend hasn't been a time for chores or preparation for the work-week (or for rest, damnit) in a few weeks, and won't be for a few weeks more, I need to get in all kinds of household things midweek. I did manage to clean the living room yesterday, and folded most of the laundry, but there's still a pile of things that need fairly urgent attention. Therefore, I'll make a list!

First, I need to get home while the supermarket's still open today. Or, if I'm really lucky, while the nice butcher's place across the road is still open. If not, shall buy meat at the supermarket and deal with it being of mediocre quality at best.

At home- finish laundry, run another load, clear out kitty litter, clean everything except the living room, and cook. Cooking is important. I want to make either carrot soup or ten spice veggies soup (potentially I'll do both and freeze some of each), even though we appear to be heading into a heatwave later in the week. Have a recipe for veggie fritters that I want to try, and found a recipe for flan cake that might actually work- but that'll have to wait, I think. Don't have any reason to bake a cake this week. Also, if I buy meat I'll probably do something with it...I think. Some form of soup and fritters will definitely happen, otherwise my vegetables will start to spoil and that'll be a shame.

So yes. Stop at the supermarket, hope the butcher's still open, and do things besides watch TV tonight.


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