Jul. 4th, 2015

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It's strange, but now that I'm definitely going to France (OMG, less than three more weeks to vacation, haven't found anybody to cat-sit yet, crap), I miss it like crazy. I didn't think I'd ever really miss a place I disliked so much when I left, but I do, and I miss the strangest things- not the area where I lived, although I've found a cute AirBNB apartment more or less across the road from there, so I'll be in a familiar area, but the places I rarely ever went to. I miss Les Halles, which was dreary and felt old and ill-preserved and I never much liked, I miss Rue St. Denis, with the sex stores and prostitutes, I sort of miss the places I only visited once or twice, outside the normal tedium of living there. And I wonder if I can find that adorable coffee place in the 10th, where I had an amazing brunch once with the English speaking LGBT gang. I can't even remember what it was called, and it was over four years ago, but it was one of the most amazing meals I've ever had.

I've never been to Paris in August, when everyone's away on vacation and the city's flooded with tourists. It'll probably be either horribly hot or rainy, or an even worse combination of both. There's half a chance A won't be in the city at all, there's something funky going on with her job, but I've set up a potential lunch meet with Y and her baby girl, and I'll probably meet M and her daughters for dinner at some point. As I see it, either six days just won't be enough, or I'll be sick of the city in two days, and spend the rest of the time doing day trips out of it. I definitely mean to schedule a day trip to Bayeaux and Normandy, in any case.

Oh, and I've discovered that Geneva airport doesn't have VIP lounges that are open 24/7. Gonna be a longish and uncomfortable night before my flight home, then.

Edit: Oh my gods, you guys! I went on Tripadvisor and found that restaurant I mention above. Sooo going there for brunch. Thank the gods for the internet and my reasonably good memory.


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